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Sony TV Fault Databases

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:55 pm

Sony TV (AE1 Chassis)
Field non linearity and short picture
Check / replace C531 (680uF, 25v), only slightly leaky, but a new one cured the fault.

Sony TV (BE3D Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press standby, i, 5, vol+ and tv (TT should now be displayed on
the screen indicating the set is in the service mode)

Sony TV Model: KV32TS20
Dead no click, Q502, Q601, Q602 shorted and blown fuse
Change all the above parts and also check R647, C512, C525,
D607, D608, D609, D610, D622, VDR601 off primary side of
T605. I`ve also found T605 bad too. ToughDog, Sony has
bulletin out on this model

Sony TV Model: KV32TS20
Dead, good tip that I always use to save changed parts
after replacing Q502, Q601, Q602 and blown fuse 602
I hook up 100 watt light bulb across fuse conection, then turn on
tv, if light is very bright you still have a short. You saved the parts
you changed, light should be dim and or blinks

Sony TV Model: KV27TS20
Intermittent video or snow
Resolder points A, B, C, D in tuner PCB, check cold solder on
tuner shield 2-106-349-21

Sony TV Model: KV-M1400D (BE2A Chassis)
Retrace lines on picture, 60V on RGB transistors
C700 (100nF, 250V) seems to be leaky, but main problem is
R723 which had gone from 27R to 1.2M, both on CRT board

Sony TV Model: KV-M1400D (BE-2A Chassis)
Dead, after replacing ic601 (STR54041) and Q601
(BC637) standby led blinks red twice, then blank, no HV
Replace fuse p801 (ICPN15 - 0.6A 50V, TO92)

TV Model: KV-2565MT (SCC-E64P Chassis)
Horizontal output transistor Q802 goes short repeatedly
C818 (1uF, 250v) had lost capacity, replaced C818 and Q802
and unit was ok

SonySony TV Model: KVD-C21MF1 (SCC-K68A-A Chassis)
No sound and screen not appearing, B+ ok
No input on pin 5 of IC301 (MC44002P), R339 had failed, once
replaced the unit was ok

Sony TV Model: KV-HF14M80 (BG-3S SSC-U21F Chassis)
Dead in standby mode, no primary voltages, led orange
Change uMICOM CXP86449-627S

Sony TV Model: KV25K5U (FE1/FE1A Chassis)
No sound or vision, front led flashing
Replaced line output transistor, resoldered dry joints on driver
transformer. Also check for any other poor joints in this section.
Have used a 2SD1878 as replacement, This seems to work ok
as the Sony original is very expensive

Sanyo TV Model: Spectra 2000
Picture had only wide screen effect
Found set on the street ! beautiful little 14" tv, still looks like new,
replaced 33uF, 160v cap in power circuit as it was bleeding its
guts onto the pcb, has worked perfectly ever since


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